IPM-Suite White Paper


The Integrated Portfolio Management Suite (IPM-SUITE) is an out of the box Platform allowing your enterprise to achieve the following objectives:

  • Standardize all workflows of portfolio, program and project management
  • Maximise the collaborative level of the cooperation model based on jira
  • Integrate the process and product management process
  • Establish a traceability between all artefacts and control dependencies
  • Establish a real time status reporting on all levels and proactively mitigate risks and issues
  • Provide a digital operating process to achieve the digital transformation of business processes
  • Define and monitor KPI’s in all domains
  • Integrate agile and waterfall methods, scaled up to portfolio level

Key Capabilities

The IPM-Suite covers the following Domains with standard capabilities derived from standard methodologies

  • Portfolio Management Support : From Strategy to Project Execution
  • Scope and Requirement Management (Agile and Waterfall)
  • Business Process Modelling (With ARIS Integration)
  • Planning (SAFE, Waterfall)
  • Reporting
  • Risks and Issue Management
  • Budget and Cost Management incl. Earned Value Analysis
  • Resource Management
  • Application Capacity Management
  • Delivery Management (Agile, Waterfall)
  • Build Process (DevOps, CI/CD)
  • Quality Assurance Management
  • Fault Management

Why our Productized Service

With our collected know-how for years supporting large programs and portfolios allowed us to specify and realize our IPM-SUITE platform based on best practices and closed to daily pragmatic way of working.

Typical Applications

  • If you already use Jira and Confluence or plan to deploy in in your company and
  • You plan to digitalize your portfolio management process

Then our Framework is an advisable option to support you. A quick tour in our knowledge base provide you an overview of out of the box capabilities and customisations potential for every key domain of portfolio management


The IPM-SUITE platform is based on:

  • Atlassian Platform (Jira and Confluence)
  • Selected well proved standard Jira Plug-Ins

The IPM-SUITE platform provides

  • A standard data model of issue types, links and custom fields
  • Additional self-implemented plug-ins to extend the functionality of the Atlassian platform
  • A standard database storage of process information (different from technical database of jira)
  • Integration with data driven reporting platforms (Tableau, Additional Visualisation in Progress)
  • Several KPI’s and Central Dashboards
  • Hosting of Atlassian platform on promise (with our Partners)

Operating Model

During a consulting phase your requirements can be contrasted with the IPM-SUITE platform, configurations and customisation changes can be agreed, if necessary. We provide you the IPM-SUITE platform based on T&M or fixed Price Base 

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